These works hung in a solo show at Bombadil Books during the Spring of '16. The co-owner of Bombadil, Danielle Alexander, put out a call for "ekphrastic" responses to the paintings. I'm including three of the responses below the slideshow,  so you can read for yourself how beautiful the results were.       image.jpg

Approximate Reading is an important part of bedtime routine that one time of day when you can wrestle with ideas and go places the rest of the day doesn’t permit. I would sooner give up 12 year bourbon or the distant sound of train whistles than take reading out of bedtime routine. -Greg Reese


Like Memory, Canvas I remember being there: in the back of Cezanne’s squarish mind, the eye now more boxy since the 20th century— I was there: that bowl of lemons, a sky of lemons, a rug’s floral pattern blooming onto the wood floor like a vase on its side, muddled water blossoming— it would seem then that I knew these people: a young clan of bent-knee drinkers, those social-afternoon-smooth-talkers, but I was the child half-disappearing, the painter’s past hard to let behind (or easy?), a subject losing shape with distance, with distance a feeling drawn into focus. -Z.G. Tomasewski


Untilted This is Geometry 101, 4th period, right before lunch . I am the ugly adolescent Venus in seat number π in row Φ next to Euclid, that punk who wrote the textbook and Carl who is always gaussing the grading curve. I am an alien in this paper thin idealized world with decidedly non-Vitruvian proportions stammering descriptions of a third dimension. What is the formula for beauty? Is truth a mathematical property? My path to point B is circuitous and meandering, wanders off the page and off the grid of regimented middle school life. Come with me to the real world outside the lines. -S.E. Bry


Thank you to all the writers who contributed!!!

Danielle Alexander wrote a blog post about the show and the evening of the opening reception here.